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Thursday, 18 January 2018

10 Things I've Learnt Since Becoming A Mum

Since I became pregnant, life became just another learning curve. I absolutely love being a mummy, but there has been some big lessons learnt. I've grown up alot in the last 3 years and I feel like I am properly adulting now!

Patience. Probably one of my biggest lessons in parenthood is patience, you're going to need a lot of it. Especially when your toddler is taking an hour to eat a banana and having a tantrum in the supermarket and every one is watching.

You Could Buy All The Gear In The World But You'd Still Have No Idea. When I was pregnant, I probably had the whole of Mothercare, I thought I'd have it all together and know exactly what I was doing. WRONG. This baby came along and I realised that 50% of the 'gear' I didn't even end up using!!

You Can't Take Too Many Photos. Nope. Never. I have about 100000 photos of Darcy doing the same thing, will I delete them? Absolutely not! You can never have to many and you will cherish each and every one of them forever.

That Gin Is The Cure. You will definitely get to that point in the day where you are not sure how you will go on, well let me tell you... Gin really helps and gives you that lease of life to get you to bedtime. 

You'll Appreciate Time To Yourself On A Whole Different Level. Walking to the shop on your own to get milk just turned in to one of life's little luxuries. Even things you used to hate such as the dreaded food shop, getting to do that on your own is just beautiful!

You Will Be Judged. No matter what you do, there will be those Mummies that give you the look up and down and are secretly judging you, not all of them though but there will even be narky comments, you've just got to learn to ignore them and just do you.

The Days Are Slow But The Years Are Quick. There will be shitty days when you can't wait until bedtime and then the next thing you know its there first birthday and you're wondering where the time went.

Snacks Are The Key. No matter where you go with your toddler, do not I repeat DO NOT forget snacks, they will be so useful when you don't even realise they would be. 

Google Will Become Your Best Friend. As soon as you get pregnant you will Google everything! I always thought that would stop but Darcy is 2 and a half now and its not even slowed down. Google is my best friend but also my worst enemy at the same time.

The World Will Become A Scarier Place. You will become anxious about the world around you, you'll even wonder sometimes why you brought another life in to this scary world, you won't want to let them go. I think It all comes in time, but the news doesn't really help now days.




  1. Oh that's so true the days are slow but the years are quick. I don't know where the time went... my children are 11, 9 and 6 now :-( Sarah Stockley

  2. Gin is deffo my best pal haha! I am super anxious since having Tyler :( I’m a year in to this parenting thing and I’m still kinda winging it haha!

  3. Hahah gin is the cure!! I used to think that gin was the cure too, but then I realised that hangovers with 4 kids was hell on instead I turned to chocolate!

  4. Haha snacks are key! I also agree about time to yourself. I look back at pre-baby me and think "what the hell were you doing all day?!"

    Great post lovey x

  5. This is all very true! Didn't even blink and my little one is 17 months! And I'm just recently learning that snacks save sanity! X

  6. I think Google is more my enemy ha! I always panic after Googling. I need to take more photos xo

  7. These are so true! Google is the devil and I really need to stop going on there! It always gives you the worse case scenario, which as a first time mum.. isn’t good! Haha. Xx

  8. All so very true and you definitely can't take too many photos :) Make sure you're in them as well as that was my issue. Not enough photos of me and the kids. Sorted that now though x

  9. Gin is 100% the cure haha! You really can't take too many photos, god I love all of these! This is all so true!

    Lovely post, just followed you on instagram and twitter so I can keep up with your other posts :) <3

    Lucie -


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