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Monday, 8 January 2018

8 Tips For Winter Walks With A Toddler

On New Years Day we enjoyed a slightly rare walk out in to the countryside. This is something we really want to do more often this year, it's free and such a lovely way to spend time together, the only downside was simply that it was just sooooo cold! With Darcy at the age she is now I find I don't really need to take much out with me for her anymore, however we did realise when we got there that I forgot a few essentials such as a hat! I mean who forgets a hat in this weather, she did have a coat though!

I've got a few items that I would definitely bring me with me next time.

Warm Clothing. You'd think this one would be pretty obvious, clearly it isn't for me! Definitely hats, gloves and plenty of layers!

Hot Chocolate in a flask. I know this isn't really an essential, but it's something I am going to be bringing next time because I think it'd make everyone feel very cosy and warm.

Snacks. I think snacks are always an essential anyway when you have a toddler but they particularly like to have a snack in there hand whilst walking apparantly?!

I asked some fellow bloggers what their essentials were and here were there answers.

Nappy sacks, perfect for collecting pine cones, sticks, leaves etc. Also for picking up dog mess that others didn't feel that they'd like to clear up themselves. - Sarah

Wellies and waterproofs so you can let the kids run wild knowing that you can just strip off the muddy stuff afterwards - Beth

Some spare clothes for afterwards so they don’t need to worry about getting dirty and can be nice and comfy afterwards -Carly

We live in the countryside and often go on long rambles, even when they were little. We always take ‘stile sweets’ which they get after climbing each stile. It keeps them going and they don’t know what we have as we give them in our pockets so it is a surprise each time - Bec

My camera. I find I get the best photos when my little one is busy exploring rather than posed - Nadia

Hope some of these will help you if you're planning a wintery walk soon!


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