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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

3 Reasons Why You Should Book Tenerife As Your Next Holiday

We've been to Tenerife 3 times now and I would never of considered myself as someone who goes on holiday to same place all the time but I've really grown to love it here. The all year round sun, the fact you can go holiday in December to somewhere within a 4 hour flight away and come back with a tan! I've never visited any of the other Canary islands and I think that I would like to, so from someone who has visited Tenerife a few times and knows the Costa Adeje & Playas Las Americas area pretty well I thought I'd give you 3 reasons why you neeeeeed to go.

As I mentioned first of all, the weather is a very good reason as to why you should go, we went back in December and I just couldn't believe that I came home with a tan, which I definitely didn't expect. I mean, yeah we had a couple of miserable days but it was just glorious to be somewhere hot two weeks before Christmas.

The food is another great reason to visit, so many beautiful restaurants and it's the ones without people standing outside trying to entice you that you want to visit, we found a hidden gem which had gorgeous tapas dishes, you will find so many of these places and you should try all the food even the ones you're not sure you'll like because you might surprise yourself!

It's probably the most family friendly holiday destination I have ever visited. This is quite important to factor in when planning your holiday, there are so many boat trips you can do, days out (water parts, jungle parks, zoos, ect) they are so friendly towards children and I think Darcy was given a lollipop from the staff 10000 times a day, it makes you feel so much more at ease when you know you're welcome, especially in restaurants when its's not the easiest place to keep a child quiet.

I've written a blog post all about our trip to Tenerife so check it out, I can wait to book our next holiday here.



  1. I love the look of Tenerife, there seems to be so much to do for little ones which really has me looking lately.

  2. I've been so many times as a kid and I just know It's a place I'll be taking my family time and time again!

    Such great value and the food is always amazing!

    Lucie -

  3. I agree - Tenerife is the perfect destination for family holidays, it's not too far away to fly to, good weather and plenty to do. Mandi (Hex Mum)

  4. Tenerife is definitely one that's on my list! I know so many people who go there every year! x

  5. The weather sounds heavenly!

  6. I love the sound of Tenerefe, the weather is always good and there is so much going on for families.


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