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Thursday, 29 March 2018

The Terrible Twos - 5 Tips To Help You Survive

I hate moaning about Darcy, but man are kids testing sometimes!! Darcy is currently going through a phase where it seems as though she is playing some sort of game with me.. like she is seeing how far she can push me. Boy do they push you. It's not like she is a throwing huge tantrums kind of girl and that isn't the problem, the kid has a terrible attitude, has become so rude and is just generally like a teenager before her time. It must be some sort of phase... i hope??!!

I am still learning what my parenting approach is and sometimes I think it changes from day to day because I want an easy life which is completely lazy parenting, i know, i know. Certainly no expert over here but there are a few ways in which I tackle her (not literally)

Time out - I don't use this that often but I find it really effective when it does come into place. Can give you much needed break too for a couple of minutes and also to think about your next move if needs be.
Distraction - This is a good one if you want your child to be quiet quicker but not always good depending on the kind of behaviour and if they needed telling off. Getting a toy out and talking in a silly voice is usually a good one.
Offering Choice - Darcy likes to have a bit of responsibility, she's a very independent girl.. sometimes I find offering too much choice can be overwhelming for them and cause it's very own little tantrum but giving no more than two options can give them a sense of feeling like they got there own way.
Sleep - The main root cause of Darcy having a difficult day and being a bit of a nightmare is usually because she is tired and to be honest I think we as adults can relate to this, sometimes it's good to have in your head an excuse for there behaviour especially if like me you feel like you're totally failing sometimes.
Patience -  I think if you asked me the question 'What is the biggest thing you've learnt since having a child?' my answer without a doubt would be in the words of take that 'have a little pateince' this is my survival through tantrums, luckily I'd consider myself as a pretty patient person, I've often felt it wearing thin though!

Hope these tips provide you with some sort of survival - if all else fails.. then there is always Gin. For you.. not the baby! 



  1. I’m also a distraction advocate. My 2 year old doesn’t speak much so time outs wouldn’t work here but distraction is about the only thing that does! X

  2. We use distraction and definitely big on giving options to try and give more independence.

  3. Great tips! I remember the terrible two's very well. We found distraction was the best technique and although it's hard - patience is definitely needed! x

  4. We are going to need all these tips for p, he is a wild card.

  5. These are great tips! Distraction works well for us, as well as giving Amelia more options!

  6. Oh yes you certainly need a lot of patience with that age! I agree that distraction is a great technique too.

  7. Great tips, I can relate to you! I have my 2 year old and patience is my survival and I agree with the distraction it help sometimes.

  8. Great tips! I struggled with 2, which wasn't great as I had a 2 year old for 3 consecutive years!!

  9. My 2 year old is currently pushing me over the edge! We tried using time out but she started randomly declaring she was going to time out so I figured it was pretty ineffective! We are trying distraction currently.


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