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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Our Trip To Amsterdam

I wanted to write this post before I forgot any details because it has been a month since we went now which seems crazy, where has the time gone!? These kind of posts really are just a bit of a diary for me really, I love looking back on them, it's the same with all the Darcy updates I've done in the past.

Last month for Pauls 30th birthday we travelled to Amsterdam without Darcy, (she stayed with my parents) It was really nice to get away and have some quality time with each other and I think we both really enjoyed it. We flew with KLM which by the way are probably the best budget airline I have ever travelled on.. you get a free coffee and sandwich, ha it's just the simple things though isn't it! It was only an hour flight, so easy and stress free, everything just flowed so nicely. Once we arrived, then came the part that I was slightly anxious about, finding my way from the airport to the city. We knew we needed to buy our train tickets, but I didn't actually know how easy this was going to be! You just have to look for the yellow machines and everything is in English anyway so it's so simple. After possibly the easiest flight and transfer ever, we arrived in Amsterdam centraal and walked to our hotel, our whole trip has to be thanked to the maps application on our phones, without it I don't know what we would have done, ha. 

When we got to our hotel which I've written a blog post about here we were only expecting to dump our bags and go but luckily they had a room for us so we were able to freshen up a bit. We went out for a walk and got our bearings, this was the only day we didn't really have a plan so we just had a few drinks and a bite to eat in a traditional dutch pub, we sat in Dam Square and enjoyed people watching which is my favourite thing to do like, ever. 

The following day which was Pauls birthday was the day we had a bit more of a plan, we got ready and walked to FOAM which is a photography exhibition/museum. Paul is a photographer so I knew he'd enjoy this. We basically just walked everywhere on this trip as we were too scared to try and work out how the tram system worked. After visiting FOAM we had about an hour of free time so we began to walk towards the Heineken Experience and found a little dutch market, probably like the equivalent of an English car boot sale but this was way cuter, Paul was wearing reallyyyy uncomfortable shoes so he was moaning a bit about that which put a downer on it but he was determined not to let it ruin his day and he did do just that. The Heineken Experience was amazing and the highlight of the trip.. if you ever get a chance to go to Amsterdam.. please go here, even if you aren't the biggest beer fan it's still so well put together and interactive. After visiting we decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe which I am still disappointed that I didn't get to buy a t-shirt. I had quite a few cocktails and we played a few games of cards which was lovely and relaxing. We began our walk back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner but I wanted to get my picture taken at the Amsterdam letters, so we went here en route. 

The walk back seemed to go on forever so we took the plunge and get the tram back which was way easier than I imagined it would be, don't know what all the fuss was about! Our dinner was a reservation I had booked at a Indonesian restaurant called Sampurna, ohhh it was just delicious and would go back again! Soooo yummy, I could talk about this place all day. Something that I do need to mention is that when we got back to our hotel that day, we found balloons on our door, and champagne chilling because they knew it was Pauls birthday! How lovely is that. The following day was our final day and Saturday which meant it was shopping day. We had to get Darcy a present to bring back and we treated ourselves to some new clothes. The downside though was the fact we had to carry around a lot of shopping for the rest of the day. We had lots of drink breaks though, of course. Travelling home was another easy and stress free trip. I'm so pleased with how it all went and glad I was quite organised as it made everything a lot more chilled!
This was such a great trip and would love to go back again, perhaps even with Darcy! Two things I'd do differently next time though would be renting a bike, I would of liked to of done this and seen the city in a different way and secondly visit the Anne Frank House which I did try to do but it was all booked up so think you have to do it like 3 months in advance.

Hope if you do read this, you gained a couple of tips.

Paul completing the 'pouring a pint challenge' at the Heineken Experience. He won a pin badge which he made seem the proudest moment of his life.

The lovely hotel leaving champagne for Pauls birthday.

The Indonesian restaurant we visited Sampurna, we had rijstafel.

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