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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

How To Stay Positive When You're Having A Bad Day

I am the absolute worst at staying positive and for me this can happen just when I go to wake up in the morning. I wake up and somedays I already have negative thoughts, generally when it is that time of the month so I do need to be a bit kinder to myself. I know first hand how hard it is to pull myself out of it but there are a few things that I do to help myself.

Podcasts. Recently I have really gotten in to listening to podcasts, mainly parenting ones but I do like motivational podcasts and these work really well when I am not having the best start to my day. Also It can make cleaning that little bit easier!

Understanding that it truly is okay not to be okay. I think this is such a big thing most of us are so guilty of. We are so hard on ourselves and don't even realise that it is simply okay not to be okay and just to have a big cry. You can feel 100 times better are letting it all out and it is so healthy too.

Me Time. I find this very difficult especially with a 3 year old but I consider writing this blog post right now as 'me time'. I am sat in silence whilst she is at nursery and it is pure bliss. Although I am missing her just a little bit! Isn't it funny when you can't wait for them to go and next minute you want them back!

I did also ask a few fellow bloggers to get there answers on what they do to keep positive on a bad day:

I usually go for a walk. If it's really bad, I have a good cry - Victoria

I love going to the gym, even for half hour. Headphones in with loud music, work off any stress, time to myself and I always feel much better! - Victoria

Have a long hot bath, lots of bubbles, good book, cup of tea! Always makes me feel better!  - Lauren 

As well as getting outside and going for a walk, I would ring my sister for a chat (she always can cheer me up or chat through my problems/thoughts), and also having a snuggle with my dog and/or cat! Animals are so therapeutic. - Kate

Watch Holby City on my own!!! It's the only TV programme i actually watch and its an hour just for me!!!  - Clare

Put Jeremy Kyle or Judge rinder on so I can see other people's misfortune instead of thinking of my own rubbish. Then I phone a friend and cry. - Jen

I love to do a bit of sewing. Being creative usually cheers me up. I’ll put on some music and have a wax burner going too. - Jo

I will sit and play the piano. It’s a way of escaping for me. - Emma

Some really good ideas here - I hope you do take some comfort in knowing it is okay not to be okay.


Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Cleaning Hacks You May Not Of Heard Of

Recently I've been really upping my cleaning game #mrshinchmademedoit. Yes I started following Mrs Hinch on Instagram, who hasn't? I've started these new ways of cleaning, things I've perhaps not done before, one very simple thing in particular would be 'being organised' who'd of thought that's the secret to doing cleaning.

It got me thinking though, is there any other cleaning hacks out there that I don't know about? I asked some fellow bloggers what they did - I also added 'the weirder, the better.'

Bicarb of soda on bathroom tiles literally lifts the dirt off - Lianne 

Coke down the toilet leaves it sparkling and it is a great way to use up flat coke! - Emma

Nair down the shower plughole dissolves the hair that gets trapped down there - bit unconventional but it works!  - Alex

Put a plastic bag filled with white vinegar and water over the showerhead for descaling. Works a treat! - Victoria

Every week I fill the bath with cold water and Milton sterilising fluid and throw in all the bath toys to soak overnight - it helps minimise the mould and grot! - Suzi

Use a little baby oil to buff up your stainless steel appliances and surfaces. - Jayne

Oh I am a terrible ditherer. I now make my list then set a 30 minute timer on my phone and whizz round as quick as I can. It works great for me - I get soooo much done - Carla-Marie

Using some toothpaste is great for removing crayon marks from the walls! It's been a life saviour here. - Beth

When you've used a lemon don't throw it away - put it in the top drawer of your dishwasher - your pots will come out sparkly clean and smelling great - Lauretta

Loved these! I love hacks where you're using something that's actually used for something else eg. toothpaste, bicarb soda, flat coke. I hope someone else takes use from these too, cleaning definitely helps with the mental health!



Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Getting Yourself & Your Toddler Ready For Nursery

Darcy has gone to a childminder since she was 9 months old and will continue to do so, next week she also starts at a Nursery/Pre-School 2 days a week as well. I know a lot of parents send there children to a nursery a lot earlier than I have and I suppose there are a couple of reasons of which I went for a childminder over a nursery... 1. Childminders tend to be slightly cheaper and 2. They get a bit more 1 on 1 care which I like. However I knew this would be a great transition in starting big school next September. I decided to put together a couple of tips that I think will work well in preparation for this new change, I've also added what I will be doing to get myself ready as well.

Routine. I think routines are great to have anyway and you can adapt them to whatever the circumstances may be. It's especially good to get in to the routine right for you, so that little ones know exactly what is going on. It's a bit more security for them. A good bedtime routine would be especially important at this stage as the long days are going to be tiring for them.
Use Role Play To Get Them Ready. If this is there first time away from you, it's going to be a big change for them, it might be a good idea to play little imaginative games with them and act out what will happen when you leave them, making sure they know you're coming back but you're just going to go away for a while.
Listen To Their Worries. They worry but they may not show it in the way we do, it's good to ask them how they're feeling and make them know that it is so normal to have all these emotions especially if they're worried.
Make Sure You're Ready With Prep. If you're stressing, it might rub off on your child and then they'll wonder why she's stressing and it's just a great big circle. Make sure you've read the kit list of what the nursery expects the child to bring with them. Going back to the getting the child ready point, it might be a lovely idea to take them to buy there new bag or lunchbox and let them choose it so the excitement can begin. Something I've never done before is using name tags so that items don't get lost, I was super lucky when My Name Tags got in touch and asked me if I wanted to give them a go because this is likely something I would forget but they're so important.They have so many lovely designs to choose from and personalise as your own. I was slightly apprehensive choosing the sticker option but knew this was the easiest option for me, however they're so durable. I can also say that I've put one on Darcy's drinks bottle and washed it a few times now, the sticker is still in tact and clear as anything.


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