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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

How To Stay Positive When You're Having A Bad Day

I am the absolute worst at staying positive and for me this can happen just when I go to wake up in the morning. I wake up and somedays I already have negative thoughts, generally when it is that time of the month so I do need to be a bit kinder to myself. I know first hand how hard it is to pull myself out of it but there are a few things that I do to help myself.

Podcasts. Recently I have really gotten in to listening to podcasts, mainly parenting ones but I do like motivational podcasts and these work really well when I am not having the best start to my day. Also It can make cleaning that little bit easier!

Understanding that it truly is okay not to be okay. I think this is such a big thing most of us are so guilty of. We are so hard on ourselves and don't even realise that it is simply okay not to be okay and just to have a big cry. You can feel 100 times better are letting it all out and it is so healthy too.

Me Time. I find this very difficult especially with a 3 year old but I consider writing this blog post right now as 'me time'. I am sat in silence whilst she is at nursery and it is pure bliss. Although I am missing her just a little bit! Isn't it funny when you can't wait for them to go and next minute you want them back!

I did also ask a few fellow bloggers to get there answers on what they do to keep positive on a bad day:

I usually go for a walk. If it's really bad, I have a good cry - Victoria

I love going to the gym, even for half hour. Headphones in with loud music, work off any stress, time to myself and I always feel much better! - Victoria

Have a long hot bath, lots of bubbles, good book, cup of tea! Always makes me feel better!  - Lauren 

As well as getting outside and going for a walk, I would ring my sister for a chat (she always can cheer me up or chat through my problems/thoughts), and also having a snuggle with my dog and/or cat! Animals are so therapeutic. - Kate

Watch Holby City on my own!!! It's the only TV programme i actually watch and its an hour just for me!!!  - Clare

Put Jeremy Kyle or Judge rinder on so I can see other people's misfortune instead of thinking of my own rubbish. Then I phone a friend and cry. - Jen

I love to do a bit of sewing. Being creative usually cheers me up. I’ll put on some music and have a wax burner going too. - Jo

I will sit and play the piano. It’s a way of escaping for me. - Emma

Some really good ideas here - I hope you do take some comfort in knowing it is okay not to be okay.


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