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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Wisdom Tooth Removal

A couple of weeks have passed now since having my wisdom tooth removed, before having my procedure and also after, I did a lot of 'googling' I mean, who doesn't? I'm a bit of an anxious person but also a realist so I always want to know every outcome of what could happen so that I am fully mentally prepared.
Whilst I found quite a lot of information in forums, I couldn't really find a huge amount of personal experience. I don't really care about statistics, I like to know every detail of somebody elses experience. I had geared having my wisdom tooth out to be something a lot worse than what it was and whilst it was not the nicest experience I feel like now I can give a real insight to what it was like.
My dental surgeon who was removing my tooth was fantastic, he made me aware of the risks but not only that, he really reassured me too which I think is quite important because dentists can be a scary place and I think he knew that. After being numbed and given the local anaesthetic which was probably the worst part of the extraction process, everything was simple, the tooth was removed pretty easily with what looked like a shoe horn! I thought it was going to be cut up into small pieces which I think is something that does occasionally happen, worryingly mine came out a bit too easily.
I bled a bit after and sat down, I was actually shaking more after the surgery which was strange, I think i was really shocked over how easily the tooth came out! 

Here comes the worst part 

After going home for the weekend feeling a little bruised & swollen (no where near as bad i thought I would be, mind!) On Sunday evening, I  felt like I needed something a little sugary, yes stupid I know, i'd just had a tooth taken out, but ice cream is okay right?! To be honest, karma really because as I stepped outside that door and walked to the shop I had this horrible intense pain across my cheek all the way to my ear.. like a dull shooting pain.
It was worse at night too which I now know is because the pressure of lying down which makes sense really, anyway the dental centre were good at getting me in and I got a next day appointment although annoyingly I had to take the time off work. 

Basically what I had was a 'dry socket' which is where the blood clot didn't form & its bone and nerve on show which you can probably imagine and then filled it with a substance that tasted like clove leaf oil which wasn't the nicest. The girl that did this, I hadn't seen before and I personally don't think she did the best job because I was in pain still afterwards and unfortunately the next day I had to go back again, this time seeing the lovely dentist that took my tooth out who filled the hole again really well. and even gave me another injection to give myself a rest for a few hours! 

I was so impressed with my NHS Dental Care and really wanted to find out how I could send a letter of praise to NHS. Unfortunately there website only gives details on how to complain, how negative, Ha.

In order for this blog post to be as informative as possible I really wanted to give you some tips and advice on the whole procedure so I also asked some fellow bloggers on there experiences and what they would advise.

It was a long time ago now but I remember taking a straw everywhere with me and living on soup for the first few weeks afterwards - Jen

I’ve had two removed and my advice is have lots of painkillers ready, a heat pad and cold pack! I found alternating between them all helped - Becka

my advice would be to stock up on pain killers! I was also told not to use straws for a while after as the sucking action can dislodge the clot and lead to dry socket afterwards! My mouth also felt super sensitive after so if eating yoghurts etc take them out of the fridge for a little bit before eating them so they aren't really cold, same with hot food allow to cool right down before eating. - Sarah

As foul as the salt water rinsing is, make sure you keep up with it and follow the after care advice to the letter.  - Rebecca



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